Jan Prusinovský – Chyby AKA Emma in Love (2021)

Emma is a lively 25-year-old shop assistant living in a small town. Tomas is a 30-year-old roofer living in a village nearby the capital. They spend a night together, with no expectations. However, it becomes the start of a relationship, love, living together. Emma decides to unburden herself and is ready to tell Tomas about her tainted background. Tomas doesn’t want to hear it as he wants to live “here and now”. A random episode unveils Emma’s past and starts off a series of incidents which turn their lives upside down. Read More »

Jean-Pierre Dougnac – Un amour interdit aka A Strange Passion (1984)

Romantic melodrama set in 18th century plague-ridden Italy. Elvire (Brigitte Fossey) enters a loveless marriage with the elderly Piacchi (Fernando Rey) and finds herself becoming attracted to their adopted son Nicolo, who reminds her of a man who once sacrificed his life for her. Read More »

Usmar Ismail – Tiga Dara AKA Three Maidens (1956)

Tiga Dara (Indonesian for Three Maidens) is a 1956 Indonesian musical comedy film starring Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, and Indriati Iskak. Directed by Usmar Ismail for Perfini, the film follows three sisters who live with their father and grandmother. When the eldest sister, Nunung, shows no interest in marrying, her family tries to find a husband for her. Read More »

Marilyn Ann Moss – The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh (2014)

This is the first feature-length documentary on legendary director Raoul Walsh. In this ‘memoir,’ Walsh ‘recounts’ his career from the silent film era to the tumultuous 1960s. The documentary makes stunning use of rare, personal and production photos and footage, revealing Walsh’s extraordinary, adventurous life on and off the set. From his apprenticeship with D.W. Griffith to his discovery of John Wayne and Rock Hudson, from the innovative ‘The Thief of Bagdad’ (1924) to the widescreen ‘The Big Trail’ (1930), from his classic work with Cagney, Bogart and Flynn to his mastery of every genre (musicals, comedies, Westerns, gangster, war), Walsh made Hollywood history. His life is nothing less than the story of Hollywood itself. Here’s a full-bodied account of one of Hollywood’s greatest legends. Read More »

Ib Melchior – The Time Travelers (1964)

Scientists step through a time portal and travel 107 years into the future. They find a barren underground post- nuclear war world where a handful of “normal humans” are being attacked by mutants. Preston Foster (I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, The Last Days of Pompeii), Philip Carey (Fighting Mad, The Seven Minutes), Merry Anders (Tickle Me), Steve Franken (Avalanche, Freeway), and Dennis Patrick (Heated Vengeance, Joe) star in this sci-fi classic. Now watch this thrilling adventure from a brand new 2020 2K scan! Read More »

Konstantin Lopushanskiy – Posetitel muzeya AKA Visitor of a Museum (1989)

Civilization as we know it has been destroyed, but remnants remain. In this story, a man has set his heart on visiting a famous pre-apocalypse museum which is now isolated in the midst of a new sea, the result of the melting of the polar icecaps. Those who hold onto the remnants of the old civilization live in isolated settlements, and keep a tight rein on the more numerous mutants, whom they keep in concentration camps (except for those who pressed into duty as servants). The stranger, who is an odd looking man, is taken by these mutants as a long-awaited messiah, and he swiftly becomes involved in the mutant-liberation rebellion, leading his followers to a new land on the other side of the sea. Read More »

Ken Loach – Play for Today: The Price of Coal [Part 1 & 2] (1977)

Part 1 – Meet the People:
The workers of Milton Colliery prepare for a royal visit by H.R.H. Prince Charles.

Part 2 – Back to Reality:
A month after the royal visit, the workers at Milton Colliery are brought crashing back down to earth by an underground explosion. Read More »