Ertem Egilmez – Canim kardesim AKA My Dear Brother (1973)


About a boy…
6 September 2011 | by inceh85 (New Zealand)

The story starts in a dark atmosphere, which is located slums of Istanbul in early 70’s. During the movie athmospehere gets darker and darker and at last finishes in pitch black. This is quite interesting because in that period as a result of Turkish economy & life standards people would like to see classical comedy or happy endings at cinema contrary to this kind of desperate dramas.

Its about a little boy whom realizes that he has a leukemia whether his brother tries to hide the fact. They believe that they should make the boy really happy in his last days. This is also important because, fact that they are poor they never think about cures.

Not just the boy but also all the supporting roles are quite solid and they have their own stories. Like Halit’s reaction to the “b-lady”, Kahraman’s fathers good old fortune stories, abroad passengers naiveté or what Mehmet does for living. Behind all these stories, Kahraman’s perspective to the death shows complete childish purity.

Music is classic, acting is great(I would like to specify all the actors in the movie are famous for their characters in comedies.) Until Yılmaz Güney’s “The Wall” and “The Road” movies this movie was probably the only one which was parallel to bulk of Turkish Population & Life Style.

I hope the production company clears the tape and makes a DVD copy of it with foreign subtitles. Because if Turkey has a movie to show to the world, well, this is it…

no subs

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