Abbas Kiarostami – Ta’m e guilass AKA Taste of Cherry (1997)


Winner of the Gold Palm at the 50th Cannes Festival, Taste of Cherry follows along with Mr Badii’s trajectory. He is a man in his fifties, and he is driving about in his car over points in the city where the unemployed are available for odd, occasional jobs.
Mr Badii tries, in the midst of all these people, to find someone willing to get into his car and earn himself some quick, easy money in exchange for a small job. A small job that is difficult to explain and that no one seems willing to accept.

Mr Badii dialogs with a series of characters who are more or less marginalized by society and who receive his suggestion with varied reactions.

There are those who will get into the car and listen to Mr Badii to the end. Difficult it is to find anyone who will accept his generous offer.

What Mr Badii wants is to find someone willing to cater to his last wish, at dawn next day: to call him by the name twice, at the foot of a grave already dug. Should he answer, to rescue him; should he not answer, to cover him with earth.

The taste of a cherry is a souvenir suggested by the sole character who is open to the possibility of collaborating with Mr Badii. His stirring story also uses the subject of suicide, however, to inspire love for life.

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