Chano Urueta – Demonio azul (1965)


Very hard to find movie featuring Blue Demon in his first starring role. The story involves the hero teaming up with a professor to challenge a mad scientist who turns himself into a werewolf.

Like the other early films Blue Demon made for producer Enrique Vergara (El Poder Satánico, Arañas infernales & La Sombra del Murciélago), El Demonio Azul was cheaply made but quite effective and has a creepier atmosphere than similar horror/lucha movies starring El Santo.

The Xvid is based on a VHS tape that is probably 2 or 3 generations away from the original recording. Quality is OK although night scenes are quite dark without much detail. In Spanish language only, no subtitles.

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  1. Hello. I am trying to download this video but when i click to download from the nitroflare screen it gives me a 404 nginx error. It was working earlier but it stopped mid download and is now giving this. If it is giving you troubles too would you please reupload this. Thank yoy so much.

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