Agnès Varda – Shorts collection (1957 – 2007)

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Plaisirs d’amour en Iran (1976)
How to talk about love while staring at the mosque or talk about architecture when in bed. This short is a sort of a variation on love retlations between Pomme and Ali Darius (from “one sings the other doesn’t”). But it can also be any couple daydreaming in such a perfect place like the great King Mosque at Ispahan, where secular and sacred art meet.

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7 P., cuis., S. de B. (1984)
An unusual visit to a large, empty appartment… Is it empty or not ? Maybe a family has lived there or is going to live there… Maybe a young girl is going to escape from there. Maybe some of the old-timers who lived there have never left. The walls themselves tell the stories of the time passing by…

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Ô saisons, Ô chateaux (1957)
Visit of the castles along the Loire Valley in the chronological order of construction, the narration includes XVI century poems and gardeners reflexions.

Uncle Yanco (1967)
This is a portrait-report about the painter Jean Varda. In the aquatik suburbs of San Francisco, intellectual center and bohemia’s heart, he sails with a latin boat and paints celestial and byzantine cities,since he is greek. Nevertheless, he is involved in young american movements, hippies and drop outs come to see him in his houseboat. How I discovered my American Uncle and how marvelous is the man.

Black Panthers (1968)
This film was short during summer 1968 in Auckland (California) arond the meetings organised by the Black Panthers Party to free Huey Newton, one of their leaders, and to turn his trial into a political debate. They tried and succeded in catching Americans’ attention…

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Réponse de femmes (1975)
A television station asks the question : “how does it feel to be a woman ?”
This “cine-leaflet” is a possible answer concerning women’s body – our body – Women’s answer about feminin condition. Our object-body, our taboo body, our body with or without children, our sex, etc. How can we live our body ? how can we live our sex ?

Elsa la Rose (1965)
Aragon recalling Elsa’s youth while she comments. Images and poems of the famous couple Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet.

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T’as de beaux escaliers tu sais (1986)
How, in 150 seconds, can you pay tribute to the cinematheque Française, which is 50 years old,without filming the 50 steps which lead up to the musée du cinéma and down to the silver screen on which are projected masterpieces with famous flights of stairs


Une minute pour une image (1983)
one minute series of 170 photographies with commentary made for french TV
only at the end of each episode is told who comments and who took the picture
only 14 of these 170 episodes are collected here, the ones commented by Agnes Varda

Du coq à l’ane (des mains et des objects) (2007)
Discussion, questions,commentaries about Varda shorts.
With Agnes Varda, Alain Bergala & Anne Huet

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Language:French (except black panthers/uncle yanco : dual audio french-english)
Subtitles:English .srt

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