Albert Brooks – Real Life [+Extras] (1979)


“A pushy, narcissistic filmmaker persuades a Phoenix family to let he and his crew film their everyday lives, in the manner of the ground-breaking PBS series ‘An American Family’. However, instead of remaining unobtrusive and letting the family be themselves, he can’t help himself from trying to control every facet of their lives ‘for the good of the show’.”

Brooks’ first feature isn’t as sharp or developed as his later masterpieces like Lost in America and Mother, but there are a lot of laughs within the groundbreaking parody, surely an inspiration for the style of This Is Spinal Tap, and a nice primer for his upcoming Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, where he again plays a character named Albert Brooks. I’ve included an interview with Brooks and an absolutely hilarious trailer for Real Life which has pretty much nothing to do with the movie itself.

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