Bostjan Hladnik – Maskarada aka Masquerade (1971)


An erotic drama about complicated love affairs and blackmailing. Dina, the young wife of elderly manager Gantar meets attractive student Luka and falls in love with him. All her further activity is submitted to one and only goal: to get Luka for herself.

The first, uncensored version was not shown until 1982, in cinema Sloga where only porn movies were played at that time.

Banned for over a decade because of its explicit sexual situations, when this film was released in Yugoslavia in 1983 the explicit scenes had become tame. Other than the notoriety it obtained through censorship, the film has an undistinguished story about the forbidden love affair between the older wife of a sports director and a young athlete.
~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

One of the first modern urban depictions in Slovenia (ex Yugoslavia).


included: eng / slo / cro (.srt format)
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