Michael Glawogger – Nacktschnecken (2004)


an imdb commentary :

Nacktschnecken (translated “slugs” ) is an Austrian low-budget comedy with quite a fine plot: Three young pals plan to earn money by shooting an hardcore-porno movie. But is it really so easy to shoot some gang-banging with home-video equipment?

What sounds like some stupid german 70s sex-movie is in fact a very entertaining comedy, both clever and sensitive. So if you like new Austrian cinema like “Hundstage” (which is – of course – much more serious) – you should not miss this one.

The flic was shot in Styria, so much of it´s charm depends on various local accents (like a Viennese pimp, a girl from Graz´s upper class, rural-styrian working class heroes e.a.). So this movie is not really easy to translate.


Language: German
Subtitles: English | Spanish (.srt)

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