Tolga Örnek – Labirent AKA Labyrinth (2011)


The story covers many aspects of the life of the Turkish counter- terrorist teams & the intelligence missions as well as their relations with the western colleagues. Even there’s a slight story of love between two members which already seems to end in a dramatic way. Meltem Cumbul, who is a very talented actress, plays a part as an officer in the team named Reyhan. She wears a totally different character leaving all her beauty aside. Timuçin Esen ( Fikret ) is in the leading role, but he plays without ups & downs, with some vengeance & passion. The special effects are quite well done regarding the low budget, also the soundtrack done by Cavit Ergun, Can Gox & Erdem Tarabus gets a credit. The continuity of the movie is just as it must be, not boring, but not going too fast that’ll make you miss some points. ~ (Istanbul, Turkey) @ imdb

Subtitles: English, Turkish, German, Dutch, French | vobsub

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