Frederick Wiseman – High School (1968)


Plot Summary :

The high school, located in Philadelphia, is a mostly white institute. The students are shuffled between various classes. In the normal classes like English, teachers can be found doing such things as extolling the virtues of Paul Simon, poet. In less worthy classes, female students model clothes and receive unflattering comments from the teacher about their bodies. Come sex-ed time, boys are informed by a gynecologist, casually, that he gets paid to look at girls’ hymens. The auditorium applauds. In a rare moment of student discussion, many discuss their dissatisfaction with all but the technology available at the school.

Indeed, students are rarely heard from in the film. We here an awful lot of lecturing and hectoring, though. The only time students really get to talk is when brought into conflict with a parent or administrator. One girl is brought in with her parents for “messing around” with a teacher, which included locking the poor soul in a closet. A teacher stalks the halls looking for students out without a hall pass. The same stern individual reprimands students for a variety of offenses, ranging from punching someone to not showing up in gym clothes just because they’re medically unfit for phys ed.

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