Michael Glawogger – Slumming (2006)


Slumming – rich, bad boys who think a great time is using their powers of wit and inductive reasoning to ferret-out the nature of the people they observe as they gallivant around town pretending to be interested in women they’ve met in chat rooms and invited on blind dates so they can secretly capture inappropriate cell phone camera shots of them under the table in some of the seedy, Viennese bars where they then meet them. The ring-leader of the slummers, a duo of Austrians, is Sebastian. Clearly, his moral compass is spinning wildly out of control when he convinces his partner in crime, Alex to help him play the ultimate slummer’s prank on a homeless drunken poet they find on a park bench by moving him to a bench in front of the train station just across the border in the Czech Republic. And this, just after he might have found his soul mate in a young school teacher who seems to find herself able to overlook most of his hi-jinx until she learns of his finest achievement and the fate of the poor poet.


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