Yasujiro Ozu – Tokkan kozo AKA A Straightforward Boy (1929)


Silent w/Japanese intertitles, b&w, 13m left from original 28m/38m (?) duration *sigh*

Tomio Aoki
Tatsuo Saito
Takeshi Sakamoto
Based on O. Henry’s story, ?The Ransom of Red Chief?
Cinematography by Hiroshi Nomura.
A Shochiku Production.

“A purely fun, entertaining, and lighthearted short film, A Straightforward Boy follows the (mis) adventures of a kidnapper (Tatsuo Saito) who, on an idyllic, sunny day (that, as the film comments, is conducive for such nefarious activities), lures a cherubic, bespectacled boy (Tomio Aoki) with toys and treats back into the hideout. However, when the mischievous and precocious boy becomes too much of a handful, the kidnapper’s attempts to get rid of him proves to be a greater challenge than the abduction itself.”
Strictly Film School

“Long thought lost, this delightful little film was written quickly over beers in a Ginza bar and shot in three days, which may account for its freewheeling nature. (…) The child star Tomio Aoki became so popular that he changed his name to Tokkan Kozo and appeared in several other Ozu films.”
Harvard Film Archive

Midnight Eye: A Salute to Tomio Aoki, by Tom Mes


Language:Silent, Japanese Intertitles
Subtitles: Italian, Hard subs
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