Jerzy Skolimowski – Walkower Aka Walkover (1965)


Skolimowski’s knock-out second feature picks up with Andrzej Leszczyc, the protagonist of Identification Marks: None, as he is on the verge of his 30th birthday. Still very much the restless, rootless, alienated outsider — and once again played by director Skolimowski himself — Leszczyc is about to enter a boxing tournament he has little expectation of winning. The night before, he encounters Teresa (Aleksandra Zawieruszanka), a young woman he knew at university before he was expelled.

“Elliptic, allusive, rapid, humorous and exciting . . . Skolimowski makes cinema as you fight it and as you breathe it . . . Walkover is for the eastern European countries what Breathless was for French film — the resounding manifestation of a radical and irreversible renewal and the sudden promise of fresh air and fresh blood” (Jean-André Fieschi, Cahiers du Cinéma).
“Bristles with invention and Skolimowski’s own bitter romanticism” (David Thomson).

Subtitles:English, SRT

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