Paul Mitchell, Wanda Koscia – Putin, Russia and the West (2012)


Vladimir Putin, after eight years as President of Russia and four more as Prime Minister, is stubbornly holding onto power. He has announced his intention to return as President and declared his United Russia party the winner in parliamentary elections that have widely been seen as fraudulent, causing mass protests in Moscow and elsewhere with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets.

The full first (and the only) season of BBC docu-mini-serial in HDTVRip XviD Rip.

1. Taking Control. FIRST BROADCAST: 19 Jan 2012
2001: Putin gives a prophetic warning about Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban.
2. Democracy Threatens. FIRST BROADCAST: 26 Jan 2012
Leonid Kuchma talks about the election of his successor in 2004 and Putin’s involvement.
3. War. FIRST BROADCAST: 02 Feb 2012
Political figures discuss the conflict between Russia and Georgia in August 2008.
4. New Start. FIRST BROADCAST: 09 Feb 2012
The inside story of Barack Obama’s relationship with the Kremlin.





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