Roy Andersson – Commercials (Various)

anderssononead9 Roy Andersson   Commercials (Various)

“A selection of Andersson’s droll little capitalist nightmares (‘the best in the world’ according to Ingmar Berman) featuring color-drained people who have ceased to be consumers and become the consumed. Middle-aged newlyweds pound one another’s skulls with appliances; new purchases bring disasters; and an infamous ad for Sweden’s Social Democratic Party rhetorically asks ‘Why Should We Care About One Another’ as nurses offhandedly toss patients around rooms, teachers shake down kids for lunch money, and commuters kick a man while he’s down” (Jason Sanders, Pacific Film Archive).

anderssontwodm0 Roy Andersson   Commercials (Various)
anderssonthreerc2 Roy Andersson   Commercials (Various)

Subtitles:hardsubbed English

pixel Roy Andersson   Commercials (Various)