Jem Cohen – Drink Deep (1992)

drinkdeep000308171751 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)

Drink Deep is a lyrical vision of friendship, hidden secrets, and desires. Cohen uses several types of film image to add texture to the layered composition. Beautiful shades of grey, silver, black and blue echo the water, reminiscent of early photography and silverprints. Cohen says, “The piece was constructed primarily from footage I’d shot of skinnydippers at swimming holes in Georgia and rural Pennsylvania. It’s about water and memory and stories just submerged. It is also, in part, a response to thinking about censorship. I would say that Drink Deep is both unabashedly and deceptively romantic. Surface, flow, and undertow. What looks like paradise is always paradise lost.”

Music composed by Stephen Vitiello and performed with Gabriel Cohen and Mary Wooten.

drinkdeep000598171802 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)
drinkdeep000638171809 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)
drinkdeep002242171821 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)
drinkdeep002677172108 Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)

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pixel Jem Cohen   Drink Deep (1992)
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