Mercedes Álvarez – Mercado de futuros (2011)

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The abandonment and demolition of an old house, with all its furniture, its plentiful library and its full load of personal memories, becomes the starting point for this film, which tries to portray some of the aspects of the new world. The camera peeps into the real state furore, turned into a showroom and promise of financial gain or of the paradise; into financial investment brokers, gurus and preachers of success and mythology. Personal and collective memory, dreams and desires will be ultimately transformed into pure merchandising. Written by Mercedes Alvarez.

Language:Spanish, Catalán
Subtitles:English, Spanish (idx/sub)

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  • pablo

    No me permite descargar el documental por el peso del archivo, si pudieran separarlo en al menos dos partes sería buenísimo. Un saludo