Piotr Szulkin – Femina (1991)

feminarip1 Piotr Szulkin   Femina (1991)

logoimdbb Piotr Szulkin   Femina (1991)

After a five-year hiatus from filmmaking, Piotr Szulkin returned in 1990 with “Femina”, based on a novel by Krystyna Kofta and inspired by Luis Bunuel.

The main character is Bogna, a thirty year old woman lost in her surrounding reality and unhappy in her private life. After her husband departs for a foreign scholarship, Bogna learns that her mother died. The trip to her hometown for the funeral becomes a voyage in time, during which she relives the memories of her idyllic childhood.

As beautifully mounted as any of Szulkin’s films, it’s full of delirious wide-angle imagery (at times recalling the films of Terry Gilliam and Wojciech Has). Unavailable on DVD even in Poland, this is a most unfairly neglected work by Szulkin.

feminarip2 Piotr Szulkin   Femina (1991)
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There’s also a surprising cameo appearance from Labyrinth-era David Bowie:
feminaripbowie Piotr Szulkin   Femina (1991)





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