Vlado Skafar – Oca AKA Dad (2010)

dad2010vladoskafar00459 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)

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Short synopsis:
After a long separation, a father and his son spend the day fishing on the river bank. On a beautiful autumn Sunday, surrounded by the majestic countryside, they seem to be alone in the world. They must start all over again.

dad2010vladoskafar03573 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)

On his second film, the director of Letter to a Child goes back to work with the most intimate and profound experiences of childhood. But now he focuses on the father-son relationship from a totally different perspective than in his first film. Completely distancing himself from any kind of documentary style, Vlado Škafar uses fiction and a kind of poetic, dreamy imagery that fuses together and chains together an entire autumnal day a kid with divorced parents spends with his dad. Throughout the film, we witness a father and a son as they play, have fun, get bored, become sad, fall exhausted in a park, talk to each other, and, especially, talk about everyday life including issues kids usually don’t discuss with their parents. The film reflects on this complex and indecipherable love bond, but also gives it a twist. In the end, the film unfolds current political and social issues in order to reflect on how they affect our most personal relationships. –BAFICI

dad2010vladoskafar01100 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)
dad2010vladoskafar04574 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)
dad2010vladoskafar05926 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)
dad2010vladoskafar07222 Vlado Skafar   Oca AKA Dad (2010)
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