Byron Haskin – Captain Sindbad (1963)

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Do you have a heart for adventure and an eye for beauty? Then gather round – young ones, too – for a rousing journey into eye-opening wonder with the boldest captain of them all: Sindbad! Amid fantastic realms and unending dangers, Sindbad battles to save both the princess he loves and the downtrodden people of exotic Baristan from the cruel clutch of a tyrant who possesses the power of dark sorcery. Geysers of flame, giant crocodiles, hordes of sword-wielding palace guards, a hydra-headed monster and an invisible, bloodthirsty behemoth – all are part of this thrilling tale directed with gusto by Byron Haskin (Treasure Island, Long John Silver). Sail into excitement with Captain Sindbad!

IMDB Review wrote:
I give it the rating I would have given it when I was like 10 years old (about 35 years ago) when I saw this movie. At the time, there were three scenes that really scared the bejeezis out of me, and yet were utterly cool: 1) traveling towards the tower of the evil wizard, the troop encounters a pool or pond of some kind which has a pit in the center of it, into which the water flows and drags people with it; 2) when they get to the bad guy’s tower there is a guardian, a giant hand that blocks the entrance inside the tower to the bad guy’s chamber that attempts to crush or squeeze Sindbad in its grip. The coolest moment in this particular scene is after Sindbad tries to get past the hand and fails, it wags its finger at him in the classic “tsk tsk” gesture; 3) I forget where this scene occurs, but a special power of the bad guy is that he has magically removed his heart from his chest and placed it in the tower with the hand. At one point in the movie Sindbad actually stabs him through the chest with his sword and the bad guy just laughs because he can’t be killed. The whole point of the movie is, if I remember it correctly after all this time, for Sindbad to travel to the tower, where the heart is stored, guarded by the giant hand, so that he can destroy it and kill the bad guy. I used to be a Dungeon Master (that’s the term used to describe the game manager in Dungeons and Dragons if you don’t know the game) and once used the hand in a game (including finger wag!) because I thought it was so cool. I think I would buy this if I could find it just to see how much my original memory of it is accurate and to see what my opinion now would be.

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