Joseph Pevney – Istanbul (1957)

istanbulcover Joseph Pevney   Istanbul (1957)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Joseph Pevney   Istanbul (1957)

Review Summary
In this adventure, a remake of Singapore (1947), a hero finds a bracelet containing 13 precious gems while visiting Istanbul. He soon finds himself pursued by covetous crooks who want those jewels. He is then deported by the Turkish authorities, but not before he has time to hide the bracelet in a hotel. Five years later, the man returns to seek out the stones. Again he is pursued by both authorities and criminals. He must also contend with the reappearance of his wife whom he thought had burned to death on their wedding night. She lived but suffered amnesia. She then remarried. Nat “King” Cole sings “When I Fall in Love”.

istambul2 Joseph Pevney   Istanbul (1957)
vlcsnap00001wb5 Joseph Pevney   Istanbul (1957),_Cornell_Borchers,_John_Bentley).TVrp.VOSE.english.avi

Subtitles:Spanish hard sub

pixel Joseph Pevney   Istanbul (1957)
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