Serdar Akar – Behzat Ç. – Seni kalbime gömdüm (2011)


“Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi” (English: Behzat Ç. An Ankara Detective Story) is a TV crime and detective series based on the novels Her Temas İz Bırakır (English: Every contact leaves a trace) and Son Hafriyat (English: Last excavation) by Emrah Serbes. The series takes place in Ankara. It began 19 September 2010 on local Star TV of Turkey. The TV series is directed by the Serdar Akar who rose to fame by his film, Gemide (On Board) in 1999.

Behzat Ç Seni Kalbime Gömdüm (roughly translated as I Buried You in My Heart) is the theatrical movie of the TV series based on the second novel Son Hafriyat by Emrah Serbes whose also wrote the script for the film. It’s directed by Serdar Akar and tells the story of a cop killer known as Red Kit (Turkish name translation of the famous cartoon character Lucky Luke).

The series has explicitly illustrated the corrupt policies of the governmental agencies and therefore widely criticized by the existing (as of October 2012) government of Turkey, being ruled by the A.K.P. (the Justice and Development Party). The government implicitly asked the producers of the series to stop production while exerting pressure on the TV channel to stop broadcasting. However, widespread protests of spectators and fans of the series have caused the government to back down for the time being. Currently, the government is trying stop broadcasting indirectly by imposing huge monetary penalties through government-controlled RTÜK with feeble arguments such as the series’ containing material contradictory to traditional Turkish family values, etc. The first season of the series was heavily penalized by the RTÜK, and the second season brought even more penalties of the RTÜK to the producers of the series and the broadcasting TV channel. As a result, when the second season of the series finished in June 2012, all spectators and fans were pessimistic as to whether they would be watching a third season. The third season started to air on Sep. 21, 2012, but all conversations were heavily censored, extreme censor on scenes where the characters drink beer, etc., and, consequently, the Web site of the TV channel broadcasting the series over the Internet received more than 130,000 hits in the other day of the broadcast in just a couple of hours when word spread among fans that a censor-free version was available.

Subtitles:French, German, Dutch

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