Audrius Stonys – Apostle of ruins (1993)

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While shooting “Tree days” (director Sarunas Bartas) I met Georgian Alexander Oboladze. We lived in the same hotel room. From restaurants and parties tycoon he became completely single. For me strange is the situation then man is stranded away from homeland but haven’t lost his mentality, language; just like exotic tree grown up in Lithuania. He was wandering around Vilnius old town, knew every corner and basement of it like no one else. He was looking and finding lost time, things left by other men and creating from it his own unique world.

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Subtitles:English hardcoded

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  • Anonymous

    The file looks badly damaged ! I can’t play it with any of the softwares I have ! Do you have a solution ? I am looking into the problem too.

    A huge thank you for this blog, this is a real wonder.

  • anybody

    Fixed.please redownload.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the very quick fix ! Don’t know if that’s normal but there are no subtitles in the last half of it and another minor thing, the audio is only on the left channel. nothing from the right.