Jack Arnold – It Came from Outer Space (1953)


This thoughtful, prototypical film was Universals initial foray into science fiction during the 1950s. While technically not the first sci-fi movie to explore the theme of benevolent aliens threatened by the ignorant, knee-jerk hostility of humans, it more or less set the standard for those that followed. Most of the credit for this belongs to a story treatment by SF legend Ray Bradbury, the sure-handed direction of Jack Arnold (who would go on to helm most of Universal\’s top drawer genre flicks of the decade), and a fine performance by lead Richard Carlson… It Came From Outer Space remains the real deal, a genuine genre classic. It\’s easily one of the best science fiction films of the \’50s.
– Eccentric-cinema.com

See strange meteors!
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See terrifying alien invaders!
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See how terrifying alien invaders view us!
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