Ulrich Seidl – Import/Export (2007)


some critic quotes taken from the official site :

“Import Export is a deeply moral and blackly funny film, one that reveals unpalatable truths about the economic systems that rule our lives. It seems like the Palme d’or will go either to Julian Schnabel or Cristian Mungiu – both are very good films, but for me Import Export – so fierce and fearless – serves to win.”
(The Telegraph, Sukhdev Sandhu)

“Every Cannes has it’s shocker, it’s scandal and Ulrich Seidls Import Export came close to this Prize. Seidls eye for the grotesque makes him the Diane Arbus of world cinema, and this was often startling, horrible and brillant.”
(The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw)

“Import Export is a disturbing, sometimes brillant new film by Austrian film director Ulrich Seidl. It was very hard to watch, but I have the feeling I will need to see it again.”
(New York Times, Manohla Dargis)




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Subtitles:German hardsubs for non-german parts

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