Naoko Ogigami – Kamome shokudo AKA Ruokala Lokki AKA The Seagull Diner (2006)


On a summer day, a small Japanese restaurant by the name of Ruokala Lokki (The Seagull Canteen) opens for business in the Punavuori district of Helsinki. The restaurant is run by 38-year-old Sachie who wishes to offer her Finnish patrons not only Japanese food but Japanese-style food for the soul, too. Attracting Finns to the small restaurant run by a lone Japanese woman proves quite difficult, however.

Luckily Sachie gets to know Midori and her restaurant’s only customer, Tommi Hiltunen, with the help of whom she slowly begins to bring in more customers and settle down in her new life. Kamome Shokudo is a charming little tale of people in the middle of a foreign culture. The film is based on a novel by popular Japanese writer Yoko Mure. Director Naoko Ogigami received an award at the Berlin International Film Festival for her previous film Barber Yoshino.

English, hardsubbed
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  • Carl

    A truly wonderful film. There will be those who think nothing happens and those who wish the film lasted ten hours. I SO did not want this film to end! Glorious, uplifting, funny, moving and yes, for a wee little while, it even made me believe that there are decent human beings out there.
    I already have this, but for those that want a treat from another universe(for really, how many films ‘like this’ get made anywhere nowadays)then watch this film.