Jonas Mekas – The Brig (1964)

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A Kenneth Brown play filmed live by Jonas Mekas and edited by his borther Adolfas Mekas. Non-stop camera movement, scrambled dialogue, and harsh acting just makes this seems like it is strangling the audience.

Jonas Mekas’ The Brig is a fake documentary about ten confined soldiers in a U.S. Navy ship and the three guards who beat and humiliate them. After the title of the film, “The Brig”, the next title is “March 7, 1957 – U.S. Marine Corps – Camp Fuji, Japan – 4:30” Then Mekas goes on showing the daily lives of the soldiers, which consists of beatings, degradations, unnecessary cleanings and senseless rituals. The audience is expected to constantly question the reality of what is on the screen while being moved by the illusion.

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