Claude Chabrol – L’oeil du malin AKA The Third Lover (1962)


Plot :
Albin Mercier, a French journalist, is sent to Bavaria to write an article about life in Germany. He is befriended by a bourgeois couple, the writer Andreas Hartman and his wife Hélène, who live near to him. The Hartmans appear to be perfectly happy together, and they seem to enjoy Mercier’s company. Mercier, however, begins to resent their happiness and resolves to take the place of Andreas. But just when he believes he has won Hélène for himself, he makes a terrible discovery. Hélène has a secret lover…–_Claude_Chabrol.mkv–_Claude_Chabrol.idx–_Claude_Chabrol.sub

Subtitles:English (idx, sub)

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