Jan Svankmajer – Lekce Faust AKA Faust (1994)


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The ideas expressed in the story of Faust never get old and seem to grow more relevant with time… In Jan Svankmajer’s 1994 retelling, this animation genius and surrealist creates a world of shifting realities, one which illustrates that we create our own destruction… This bizarre classic breathes new life into a myth frequently employed to explore human desire, folly, and frailty. Svankmajer’s deft mix of stop-motion animation, puppetry, and live action adds depth to this exploration as it does to the art of filmmaking.
Mike Wood, Identity Theory

…The director grafts a wealth of themes, motifs, allusions and gags, his method an expertly executed, profoundly imaginative combination of live action, claymation, puppet theatre, stop-motion animation and special effects. There are a couple of dramatically flat moments, when one feels Svankmajer hasn’t quite got the measure of the feature-length narrative, but for the most part this is a film which galvanises the mind and astonishes the eye. In a word, magic.
GA, TimeOut

…What makes Svankmajer’s films unique and terrifying is their mixture of dreamlike fluidity, jarringly abrupt transitions and crystalline lucidity. Anything can happen in them. In this “Faust” the horrors start when the anti-hero cracks open an empty egg and the world goes suddenly dark. But, volatile or weird as everything may seem, there’s nothing fuzzy about the way we see it. This is the nightmare we won’t forget.
Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune


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