Paul Almond – Act of the Heart (1970)


Martha Hayes, a woman fanatically devoted to Jesus Christ, ekes out a meager existence in Montreal, Canada. As a singer in an Anglican Church choir, Martha meets and is fascinated by Father Michael Ferrier, an Augustinian monk who’s the guest conductor for an interfaith concert. How far is Martha willing to go to show her devotion to God?

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  • Camille37

    Hi, thanks again for posting this film. One thing I noticed is that the audio seems to be kind of warped, with a constant sound beneath the dialogue. Can this be fixed or is it just part of the file? Thanks.

  • Camille37

    In other words, could the file be corrupt? The video is also a bit distorted around the edges in spots, but the distorted audio is the main issue. I did notice that the file wouldn’t play at all in Windows Media Player, only in VLC. I’d appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks.

  • Camille37

    I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the film from the Cloudzer links today and the audio from that source is fine, so it must be the Rapidgator link that’s messed up. I’m not sure about Keep2Share, as I never tried that link, but I’m enjoying the film now. Thanks again!