Scott Barley – 3 Short Movies (2012-2013)


Several figures move through the darkness on a cliff-edge. An inaudible conversation near the brow of the cliff may be the cause for the group to disband. The rest of the film follows the solitary journey of the youngest member of the group, until she rests; where land meets the sea.


A semi-socio-political work. Influenced by the work of avant-garde filmmakers, Stan Brakhage and Philip Solomon. ––ATP Festival

The Ethereal Melancholy Of Seeing Horses In The Cold

A silent short, focusing on the melancholic beauty of horses in the cold fog, and the metaphors that manifest, as time passes. — Scott Barley

Abaout Scott Barley:

Irresolute (2013) –!QV03ULAR!LKQ7BQSOO-UA068viiHu0zW8Mxh5z5h8BpNMSOc9pB4

Nightwalk (2013) –!RQdFhRyS!EcaU0QuJN1a7b0BVEcvwnHyzjTVZJJMt_cujPg-xyOI

The Ethereal Melancholy of Seeing Horses in the Cold (2012) –!wN1jXAgC!ZfKThDDPCYOeNvO00Gy8M2ggsH5yrisatC_2Q_NeiGQ

Thanks to Scott Barley..

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