Andrés Baiz – Roa (2013)


Roa has no job and a family to feed. Gaitán, leader of the Colombian Liberal Party, is a man whom he admires greatly. Perhaps Gaitán will have work for him. On the contrary. Gaitán treats him with disdain. A naive, superstitious man, Roa’s disappointment quickly turns to anger and bitterness. Seething with revenge, he begins to plot Gaitán’s assasination. Before he gets too far, however, Roa comes to his senses. Unfortunately, things are no longer under Roa’s control. Too many people are involved and his family begins receiving threatening messages. Roa is damned either way…


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  • biblio

    do your subtitles work? mine do not. I have 5 different channels of subtitles and they all say “spanish” but none of them actually works (I use VLC of course). Anybody else has my same problem? thank you

  • NotesTracker

    @biblio — I have encountered exactly the same problem with VLC Player,
    which indeed shows five subtitle tracks, all marked as Español. Something wring

    Because VLC Player failed to give usable subtitles, I tried several other video players… Wondershare Player showed no
    subtitle tracks at all. Windows Media Player (in Windows 8.0) did not show
    subtitle tracks at all, either in Desktop mode or Modern UI (“tiled”) mode.
    QuickTime Player asked to be updated, which I didn’t bother to spend time

    I did have success with “Media Player Classic – Home Cinema” (free from
    Sourceforge), which showed four subtitle tracks, not five, and the track 3 was
    English. This third track also displayed on my TV, via a Western Digital
    streaming media player device.