Seijun Suzuki – Hishu monogatari aka A Story of Sorrow And Sadness (1977)


After Suzuki was fired for making ‘incomprehensible’ movies his first effort back after a long period of industry suppression was “Story Of Sorrow And Sadness”. In this corporate-victimization expose professional model Reiko (Shiraki) is dramatically groomed for a top spot on the golf tour. Her handlers saw her as an easy ‘sell’ if she could just prove worthy enough at the chosen sport. Her surprising victory in her first professional competition opens the door for her huge celebrity status as a bikini-clad TV talk show hostess. All the trappings of public adoration are forced, almost Bunuel-like, to the surface with protagonist indifference towards her fans, abuse, irresponsibility and a bit of sexual dalliance. Let’s make it clear – this is just as incomprehensible as most other Suzuki films – filled with some Imamura-style sexuality and each scene as unexpected and unpredictable as the next. Certainly another bizarre product of the psychedelic mind of a cult icon in Japanese cinema.

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