Jonas Middleton – Through The Looking Glass (1976)


Without question one of the true classics of hardcore, Through the Looking Glass is yet another perfect example (like Café Flesh or even Thundercrack) of how porn can be used to craft and/or embellish a film so it works as erotica as well as a legitimate movie. Also released in a highly successful ‘R’ rated version, without the hardcore sex, “Glass” is a genuinely engaging and nightmarish supernatural/possession story with some superbly crafted sequences. The film is just alive with decadence and taboo, eroticism and depravity.

The effective music score, of harpsichord ditties and female harmonies, is co-credited to Harry Manfredini of all people, who would go on to do the classic Friday the 13th score. And this period sounding music works perfectly in highlighting the decadence of the movie…one of the most powerful and unusual hardcore films ever to be produced, and as such is nothing less but essential viewing for any fan of Exploitation, and extreme Underground cinema.” –

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