Jean-Pierre Melville – Les Enfants Terribles aka The Strange Ones [+Extras] (1950)


The fair-haired Paul (Edouard Dermithe) engages in a snowball fight with several other boys outside his school, and is knocked out by a snowball tossed by the bully Dargelos (Renée Cosima). Far from being upset, Paul obsesses over Dargelos.

Bedridden, Paul is cared for by his domineering sister Elisabeth (Nicole Stéphane). Elisabeth acts angry and put-upon as nursemaid to the petulant, whiny Paul, but her attitude changes with the arrival of Agathe (Cosima), a boarder who comes to live with Paul and Elisabeth and threatens to break the siblings apart because of her attraction to Paul. The jealous Elisabeth begins manipulating both Paul and Agathe, along with Paul’s chum Gérard (Jacques Bernard), to make sure the status quo is maintained. But even the supremely confident Elisabeth can’t predict what her machinations will drive the others to do.

Extras :

1. About The Film (interviews with producer Carole Weisweiller, actor Jacques Bernard, and assistant director Claude Pinoteau) – 14:16

2. Theatrical trailer (2:52)

3. Nicole Stephane Interview (12:33)

4. Around Jean Cocteau (16:43)

Language(s):French & Gilbert Adair’s Commentary
Subtitles:English – .srt