Jessica Nilsson – All About Anna (2005)


All About Anna is a Danish film released in 2005, directed by Jessica Nilsson and starring Gry Bay and Mark Stevens. The film is explicit in its exploration of sexual relationships. It avoids being classified as pornography, however, through avoidance of closeup views of genital/genital contact.
It is a co-production between Innocent Pictures and Lars von Trier’s Zentropa Productions, and is the third of Zentropa’s sex films for women, following Constance (1998) and Pink Prison (1999). All three films were based on the Puzzy Power Manifesto developed by Zentropa in 1997.
All About Anna tells the story of Anna (Gry Bay), a single woman who seeks to maintain an active sex life while staying clear of romantic relationships. When a former boyfriend (Mark Stevens) shows up, she starts wondering how much longer she can maintain her emotional independence, and if that’s even what she wants. At the same time, she is offered a job as costume designer on a French theatre, where the local stage actors Pierre (Morten Schelbech) and Sophie (Ovidie) offer new amorous temptations.
All About Anna was officialy selected for Zürich Film Festival and Io Isabella International Film Week. In 2006 it was nominated for two MEDIEN e-Line Awards in the categories Best International Newcomer (Gry Bay) and Best International Actor (Mark Stevens).
The film exists in several versions. The original Scandinavian DVD release contains both the Producer’s Cut and the Director’s Cut. According to a previous Wikipedia entry, the Producer’s Cut version “has the hardcore material restored, including a scene of fellatio performed to climax by actress Eileen Daly”. However, this material is only missing in the Softcore Version originally shown on German TV, not in the original Director’s Cut.
The German DVD release of All About Anna is scheduled for November 2006. The US DVD release is scheduled for December 2006. Wikipedia

Subtitles:English, Chinese, Danish

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