Serge Gainsbourg – Charlotte for Ever (1986)


By Vladislav Mikhailov:
Serge Gainsbourg is the same person in cinema as in music – a gambler, a cynic, a blackmailer, an unshaven bozo with raspy voice. This film is not a melodrama, it’s a story of a father and daughter playing a melodrama with elements of grotesque and parody (there is an aging gay friend of Stan’s, elements of comical self-pity – oh, poor me, even my doggy died, I’ve nobody else left). But this is still a film built on the solid frame of Serge and Charlotte. And Charlotte is – yes – forever! A striking performance of two loving children – a teenage girl and an aging man. A must see and not only for Gainsbourg fans.

Pilfered from IMDB reviews:
Both Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg give fantastic and touching performances in this near true to life story. Directed by Serge it is a true masterful work that is really not known… beautiful and thoughtful. Charlotte Gainsbourg is very young, I think she is 15 years of age but shows the depth and star power that is to come. It is not for the faint of heart because this film is heartbreaking.

I have no idea why anyone would not find this movie just short of great, I can’t rave on and on but I assure you that this movie is well worth watching, owning, collecting and so forth. I gave it a 10 because the acting was so realistic and that my fellow film watching friends is the key word in any movie I assure you, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s nudity did not hurt this film either, she is built to the hilt, hey I don’t lie here OK? Get it and don’t listen to these sticks in the mud that is always downing something.

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