Henri-Georges Clouzot – La Prisonnière AKA Woman in Chains (1968)


“When instinctive film artists have passed their chronological niche, they either parody themselves or set out for new fields of action at the risk of complete failure … Clouzot goes down swinging.” – Paul Schrader

Synopsis (MIFF 2015)
After a long career making gripping black-and-white thrillers such as Diabolique and Wages of Fear, Henri-Georges Clouzot changed tack completely in the 1960s, turning his hand instead to colourful avant-garde experimentation. His first project from that period, L’Enfer, was famously never completed; but in 1968, Clouzot managed to make one final film: La Prisonnière.

Bored with her mundane existence, an artist’s wife becomes involved with a gallery owner, whose sadomasochistic fantasies both attract and repel her. As their affair deepens, her grip on reality begins to falter, and the film climaxes with an extended dream sequence – a flurry of spellbindingly colourful psychedelia.


Subtitles:English (soft subs)

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