Catherine Corsini – La belle saison AKA Summertime (2015) (HD)


1971. Delphine is 23. The daughter of a farmer, she loves the countryside and working the land with her father, but the restrictions of provincial life drive her to Paris. There she meets Carole, 35, who lives with Manuel and is actively involved in the emerging feminist movement. Delphine immediately falls in love with this woman who is so free and independent. And Carol’s life is completely overturned. When Delphine finds she has to return to the farm, Carole decides to follow her there. But in the countryside, the couple has to face a different reality.

Subtitles:english – machine translated. 🙁

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  • Emad Golestani

    plz upload “Horse Money” (2014) – Pedro Costa

    • folee

      Yes pls, im waiting for that too.

  • Vaughn

    sorry but the subtitles are not in synchro…