Patrick Bokanowski – Patrick Bokanowski Short Films (1972-2008)

Patrick Bokanowski, the ‘artist-alchemist of celluloid’, employs an extraordinary range of technical invention – combining live-action with optical experiments, drawing, performance, painting, and animation – to conjure magical forays into a parallel universe: moving from dread and terror in the early shorts, via bursts of zany humour, to sublime serenity in the landscape films and joyous kinetic energy in his most recent work.

“The pinnacle of experimentalism in the film arts.”
– Richard Curnutte, The Film Journal

“Magisterial images seething in the amber of transcendent soundscapes. Drink in these films through eyes and ears.”
– The Brothers Quay

Films included:

La Femme qui se poudre (1972, 18’)

Déjeuner du matin (1974, 12’)

La Plage (1992, 13’)

Au bord du lac (1994, 7’)

Flammes (1998, 3’45”)

Le Canard à l’orange (2002, 8’ 30”)

Éclats d’Orphée (2002, 4’ 45”)

Battements Solaires (2008, 18’)


Interview Battement Solaires (5′)

Interview Bokanowski on Bokanowski (20′)

Language(s):None (extras in French)
Subtitles:None (hard

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