Marguerite Duras – Il Dialogo di Roma (1982)


“The subject of this film is the conversation between a man and a woman. A couple, maybe lovers, maybe married, it doesn’t matter. (…) During this conversation, we do not see but the city of Rome. I wanted to transmit that what Rome provokes in me, the feeling of an intrinsic matter, indissoluble, in difference with Paris, made of small parks and open spaces, crossed by the sky and the wind. Hand in hand with the film, the difficulty of the two lovers assumes a clearer, more explicit form. But as much as, in my opinion, it is impossible to describe and film Rome, the difficulty in the love of a couple can never be totally understood.”
Marguerite Duras, Venice film festival catalogue, 1982. Dialogo Di Roma Marguerite Duras 1982.avi Dialogo Di Roma Marguerite Duras