Stan Brakhage – Anticipation of the Night (1962)


Notes of journey life of Stan Brakhage like a befits of a diary book in a very strong sense of experimentation, romantic, modernist and abstract.

From IMDB:
a stunning memory-in-progress
5 March 2006 | by nataloff (Los Angeles)

“Anticipation of the Night” is a memory piece set in the present tense. It is best described — I think by the filmmaker, for I saw this work when it was new — as “the day’s events as recalled by an infant who is, as yet, unable to organize his thoughts.” Thus we are shown not only a series of concrete shots of activities that the kid has just been through, but also a number of recurring abstract images that he cannot quite put into context because he doesn’t have a sense of time. One goes into a trance while watching it and, amazingly, the film takes hold only when it’s over when the viewer tries to sort it out — exactly as the child has done as it anticipates the night. (See also Jim Shedden’s intimate profile of Stan Brakhage in the 1998 documentary “Brakhage”).


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