Zbynek Brynych – Die Weibchen AKA Femmine carnivore AKA The Females (1970)



‘Eve is an overworked secretary who has been sent to take a cure in the institution of Doctor Barbara in the remote town of Bad Marein. Upon her arrival and during the following days Eve notices the complete absence of men except for the overweight groundskeeper Adam and the town’s head of police.
When a group of three man make their way to the town and into the arms of the many females of the sanatorium Eve has a terrible thought. Because one of them does not show up the next morning the suspects the inmates being responsible for the murder.
As Eve enters the hallway of the sanitarium after the ruckus downstairs – three man have been celebrating with the other “patients” – has died down. At the end other end of the hallway she sets eyes on the corpse of one of the man who has been stabbed with the knife still in his back. Shocked by the ghastly sight Eve runs through the other corridors which are suitably red lit making her way to someone in charge, someone who can help her. In the end, she and the doctors must discover the body is no longer there, no trace of any murder or crime can be found leading back to the questioning of Eve’s mind.’
– Rouven Linnarz


Subtitles:English (not synced)