Nanni Moretti – Ecce bombo (1978)


Ecce Bombo has been the first great success in Italy for Nanni Moretti, and for many people there it is still his best movie.
It represents with unique intellectual cruelty and likelihood the ordinary life at the end of the ’70s of young metropolitan and left-winged Italians, in this being much autobiographical.
Moretti succeeds at the same time in blaming this apparentely absent-minded youth and the society that created them, represented by their relatives’ generation and by some of the more persistent Italian icons, like Alberto Sordi. In order to underline the impact of Ecce Bombo on Italian audiences, Moretti recalls in an interview the chill that every time fell down in theaters right after his famous remark about Alberto Sordi.
Ecce Bombo is a landmark of the new Italian cinema and is still today a cultural reference for the generations of baby-boomers born in the 50s and in the 60s.

Subtitles:Italian HI and English in .srt format

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