Claude Mulot – Suprêmes jouissances AKA Supreme Delights (1976)


The French porn industry flourished in the mid 1970s with a wealth of creative and modestly budgeted features.
Fearing the demise of legitimate cinema, the government passed the “X-Law” in October of 1976 to limit the
growth of the XXX industry. This effectively withdrew a good deal of the “official” financial support afforded to
these films and often relegated them to specialty theaters. This golden age was deceptively short considering the
tremendous output. The entire affair provides for an interesting story lavishly illustrated with perverse films. An
impressive overview can be found in the indispensable euro-sleaze bible Immoral Tales by Cathal Tohill and Peter Tombs.

Three young women (Brigitte Lahaie, the underrated Veronique Maugarski & Martine Grimaud) decide to leave their chauvinistic boyfriends and move in together and explore a fun-filled life of sexual freedom. Directed by Claude Mulot (Fredric Lansac). Finally available in a splendid widescreen version this is one of Brigitte’s first adult films (made while she was still a brunette) and one of her most sought after.

1.30GB | 1:17:07 | 768×488 | avi

Language:English,French(2 Audio Channels)
Subtitles: none

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