Haile Gerima – Mirt Sost Shi Amit aka Harvest: 3,000 Years (1975)


From IMDb:
“This film is set in Ethiopia. A family works on a wealthy,cruel landowner’s farm. The landowner accuses them of being lazy and trying to get his money without earning it. The only person who will stand up to the landowner is the local “madman”. I liked this film, the music & songs are very uplifting. The wealthy landowner and the “madman” both give terrific performances. The camera work is very unique. There is symbolism in this film. The wealthy landowner symbolizes the more developed countries of the world.(U.S. & western Europe) The family of farmers symbolizes the poor countries.(Ethiopia & other countries) The “madman” symbolizes what the more developed countries do to the poor countries and vice versa.(We drive each other NUTS) Not your normal film. It is in the Amharic language with very small English subtitles.(the only real flaw in the movie) I have only seen 10 or 12 African films. This is easily is the best. I hope distributors find more films from Africa like this and put them on video & stop wondering if Americans can understand them. I feel the message is loud & clear.”

1.57GB | 02:17:44 | 720×480 | avi


Language(s):English, Amharic
Subtitles:English (Hardcoded)

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