Frederick Wiseman – Blind (1987)

BLIND shows the educational programs and daily life of students in kindergarten through the 12th grade at the Alabama School for the Blind. The School is organized around the effort to educate blind and visually impaired students to be in charge of their own lives. Sequences in the film include mobility training, braille instruction and orientation as well as traditional classroom subjects such as English, history, science and music. Other sequences show psychological counseling sessions; vocational training; staff dealing with student disciplinary problems; and the wide variety of recreational and athletic programs.

There are few people I hold higher than Frederick Wiseman, whether in regards to personal significance or actual importance for film as an art form. Watching this on his 89th birthday, my first of the new year, I’m once again reminded just how good he is at… basically everything. This was one of the more anticipated works of his and passed expectations — here Wiseman manages to capture bits of his best traits. His work is inspiring and human, I felt a real love for the workers and teachers here, all feeling sincere in their wanting to better the lives of these children, etc. while also managing to capture more frightening moments; a blind child’s solo trip between classrooms and floors is almost as nerve wracking as The Wages of Fear and ultimately warm and inspiring. Also has one of his best ending sequences too, with the children saying their prayers goodnight to their teachers. Loved this one a lot. Really excited to get around to Multi-Handicapped once that arrives, but more importantly I wish the happiest of birthday wishes to the world’s greatest and most important living filmmaker.

— Matthew Roberts (Letterboxd).

2.21GB | 2 h 11 min | 702×526 | mkv


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