Stephen Dwoskin – Dyn Amo (+ Memories of Dyn Amo) (1972)

The film follows a series of striptease acts performed for an imaginary audience in a seedy club. This mesmerising and challenging film offers no hand to hold as we, the viewers, journey into its landscape of sexuality and personal confrontation.

Each Dwoskin film could be described thus: a man watches a woman who returns his gaze. This arm wrestling match lasts as long as it needs, at times as soft as a caress, as intense as a demand. At times fear, rejection, wounded pride and withdrawal permeate this tense cinema paralyzed by gazes at the camera. Like at a peep show, his films watch in complete isolation. They speak to everyone’s solitude. Philippe Azoury

“Free and intimist, sensual and cerebral, experimental and political, Dwoskin’s cinema is heir to the surrealists and Georges Bataille, to Andy Warhol and Jack Smith”. Isabelle Regnier

“A work that leaves plenty of reason to believe that Dwoskin may one day create the cinema’s first erotic masterpiece” Clive Hodgson

“DYN AMO explores aspects of women’s slavery, a slavery that involves them in acting out fantasies that have lost whatever social value they had long ago …. DYN AMO may be partially the tale of the creation that runs away with the creator. But it is also revolutionary to the extent that Dwoskin shows these false roles to be escapable. … And the women in the film remain, despite an environment of which the best that can be said is that it is a parody of itself, despite their acute identity distortion, aware, if not of an alternative, at least of the desperate need for one ….” – Verina Glaessner, Time Out, London

“The plight of women as sex objects, and by extension the problem of their intellectual survival, finds a clear definition in DYN AMO. … The film stares into the faces of four girls on the tiny, tatty stage of what is evidently a strip club; one after one they begin their routines, miserable, mechanical, bored, until gradually the presence of the camera encourages them to react against the deplorable indignities to which they have been submitted and they fix us with their eyes for minutes on end in silent pleas for help.” – Philip Strick


Memories of Dyn Amo by Pip Chodorov and Gloria Morano
Interview with Stephen Dwoskin and the producer Maggie Pinhorn. A document that places Dyn Amo in its historical context and within Dwoskin’s career, elucidation the issues he was then raising.

1.54GB | 1:53:40 | 576×432 | avi

Subtitles:French hardsubbed for bonus

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