Branko Gapo – Vreme, vodi AKA Times, Waters (1980)

The life and times of Petar Chushko and his fellow peasants from the village Sushevo (Droughtville) are inextricably linked to the scarcity of their water supply. With the blessing of their priest, the villagers of Sushevo change the course of the local river and steal the waters of the neighboring village Kamenovo (Stoneville). A fight breaks out between the villages, their priests included. The peasants are brought before a judge for disturbance of the peace. The judge is corrupt enough to pronounce a verdict in favor of those who are prepared to pay more, so the water goes to Kamenovo. Meanwhile, there is no water at all in Sushevo and the villagers refuse to pay the water tax in protest. Petar Chushko, a miller without water to his mill, is among them. The peasants decide to take their protest to Struga, in front of the regional administration office, but they are stopped and dispersed by the police before they even leave the village. The village crier announces the news of the king’s assassination and the tributes for the occasion set out by law. In spite of this, the teacher uses the opportunity to talk about Russia and the revolution. In 1940, a typhus epidemic breaks out in the village. Many die, among them a number of children. The last springs dry out, but the local policeman Zhika collects the water tax regardless. The peasants pray and carry out pagan rituals in the hope this will bring them water. Seeing no other way out, Petar and his three teenage sons begin an armed conflict with the peasants of Kamenovo.

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