Rita Azevedo Gomes – A 15ª Pedra AKA The 15th Stone (2007)

Joáo Bénard da Costa, director of the Portuguese National Film Archives [deceased in 2009], interviews the dean of contemporaneous film directors [96-years-old then]. Two humanists of different philosophical backgrounds, both with their long, entire lives dedicated to culture in general (music, painting, literature) and to film in particular, discuss freely, sometimes haltingly, the director’s power as a creator or a magician, the philosophy beyond particular scenes in classic movies, film technique, the importance of color, sound and music to films, art versus entertainment, and much more. Their talk takes place in a museum room, seating in front of “The Annunciation” (a 1510 oil painting by João Vaz, a Portuguese artist), which eventually leads to a discussion of ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, and the relationship between a trend-setter master and his disciples.

Filipe Furtado on Letterboxd wrote:
Watching Manuel Mozos new João Bénard da Costa doc this week send me back to this, a 2 hour talked between Bénard and Manoel de Oliveira, filmed by Rita Azevedo Gomes in 2006. It is just the two of them sitting on a museum and talking about a varied set of cultural subjects, Oliveira’s own films come up rather often but are far from central to it. Hearing them, I’m remembered of Raymond Bellour near the end of the Movie Mutations letter bringing in Oliveira so he could speak of Civilization, because civilized would be the first world to come to mind to describe this conversation and I love that the film’s complete title describe it as a filmed conversation instead of an interview. This should be screened in schools and I don’t mean film schools.

1.18GB | 1h 57mn | 749×562 | mkv


Subtitles:French (hardcoded)

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